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The company Samerkas SA is next to you with a total of 68 years in the fuel sector, offering you complete coverage in the fields of gasoline, diesel and heating, gas and integrated care using top-of-the-range lubricants. In privately-owned administration, storage and service facilities in Kavala and the wider area of ​​Northern Greece, the company aims to continuously deliver something more to the final consumer, taking care of quality and continuously demonstrating its credibility.

Our philosophy has as a point of reference the human behind the customer, offering today the quality of the fuels of tomorrow at an affordable cost. Being the exclusive representative of BP for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and one of the oldest in Greece, Samerkas SA ensures the quality of the products provided. At the same time, relying on its fully trained and experienced staff, the company offers exceptional service to both domestic and industrial sectors in three key fields: Petrol, Diesel and Gas, Heating Oil, and Vehicle Lubricants & Fluids, both for domestic individuals to industries.


11 fully-equipped Filling Station in East Macedonia and Thrace provide exceptional care and supply coverage with product quality and staff experience.


Guaranteed top quality heating oil, for home or business, from 5 distribution points and wide coverage thanks to company’s own fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle Lubricants
& Fluids

With top-of-the-line Castrol and BP vehicle lubricant products for the complete care of each engine, providing the choice of the right type, through the widest range of products.


Samerkas SA is next to each and every industrial customer to offer comprehensive energy-efficient diesel fuel coverage through product specialisation.

years traveling together!

For 68 years we have been with you on your every trip, every business activity, every cold winter time, and we feel proud of your smile.

68 years of experience and expertise
68 years at the service of the consumer
68 years of fuel innovation
68 years in ensuring top quality
68 years caring for every engine
Samerkas SA
Filling Station network
Filling Station
Filling Station (+Autogas LPG)
Premises - Fuel transportation

With continuous growth potential, 11 fully-equipped Filling Station in East Macedonia and Thrace provide comprehensive services and supply coverage with product quality and staff experience. Our goal is to achieve directness contact with the customer and provide real and total support.

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