Samerkas SA is a purely Greek company and one of the top names in the Greek petroleum market. With its current structure and form, it began its operation in 1973, but it’s been active in the field of petroleum products and lubricants trading since 1951 under the brand name S. Samerakas & Co.

Following a continuously dynamic growth, Samerkas SA today employs more than 50 people. In the composition of its staff, there are graduates from Universities and Technological Educational Institutes, as well as staff of exceptional experience and absolute specialisation. It also has its own facilities in Kavala, owned lubricant storehouse in the Industrial Area of ​​ Kavala and 11 privately-owned filling stations in Northern Greece.

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68 years of experience and expertise
68 years at the service of the consumer
68 years of fuel innovation
68 years in ensuring top quality
68 years caring for every engine
Our Vision

Our vision is for Samerakas SA to become one of the leading Greek energy trading and distribution companies, focusing on the costumer, offering, in honest and responsible manners, quality products and services at affordable prices. Considering this, the company purposefully implements a multifarious social and environmental policy, in the field of both its activity and its infrastructure.


The company is BP’s exclusive agent for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and one of the oldest in Greece, with three main branches of activity. Each branch has its own staff, its own facilities, as well as its own administrative organisation. These branches are:


1) Fuels – In this sector, fuel wholesale and retail, always in cooperation with BP, are carried out through the Samerkas SA retail branches.

2) Lubricants – Retail and wholesale are also supported in this branch. Samerkas SA storage facilities are located in a privately owned area at the Industrial Area of Kavala. All the products of BP and its subsidiaries are traded exclusively for land and sea customers.

3) Supply Coverage – The company has 6 large privately owned 40-ton tankers and 5 smaller privately-owned tankers for the distribution of heating oil. For the above purpose the company owns petroleum products owned by Perigiali Kavala.

Filling Station network
Filling Station
Filling Station (+Autogas LPG)
Premises - Fuel transportation

With continuous growth potential, 11 fully-equipped Filling Station in East Macedonia and Thrace provide comprehensive services and supply coverage with product quality and staff experience. Our goal is to achieve directness contact with the customer and provide real and total support.