BP fuel with ACTIVE technology
15 February 2018

The new BP fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially formulated to fight the pollutants in your engine. This cloud is a hidden enemy that can damage the interior of your car’s engine. Even a minimal amount of pollutants, in critical parts of the engine, can make a significant contribution to increased fuel consumption. But beside all this, the cause is usually the same: Common fuels can cause residues to accumulate in critical parts of your engine, which increase over time and lead to:

  1. Loss in performance
  2. Increased fuel consumption
  3. Less smooth engine operation
  4. Damage to the engine

Finally, the stacks of pollutant, that accumulate, can create more dirt on the engine, and this is a vicious circle.

BP’s new fuels, with ACTIVE technology, are the most efficient fuels against dirt. They begin to apply their effects from the moment you fill your car and start the engine. Their operation technology is simple: They remove residues that common fuel leave inside the engine and prevent it from recurring.

With continuous use, BP’s new ACTIVE fuel keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, while helping to reduce the chances of your car needing off-schedule maintenance.

ACTIVE technology in action

BP’s new ACTIVE fuels contain millions of active molecules designed to protect the engine. Thus, BP’s innovative formula “fights” dirt in two clever ways. The active molecules:

Cling to the pollutants, leading them away from the critical parts of your engine.

They cover the metal surfaces of the clean engine, forming a protective layer, which prevents the residues from solidifying in on the metal.

With continuous use, all ACTIVE BP fuels form an obstacle against dirt on the critical parts of the engine, protect against reoccurrence, and help your engine deliver according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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